About Mapp Law Chambers

Only Indian Law Firm with Offices in India and Spain

We are the first Indian Law firm established in Barcelona, Spain which is one of the biggest economic hubs in Europe. Our experienced professionals in India and Spain provide tailored legal services suited to the specific interests of each client. We are unique among Indian law firms since we provide direct legal services to our clients located both in Europe and India through our physical offices in India and Spain. The Firm enjoys the distinction of being the only Indian law firm offering legal service to European clients directly with its office in Barcelona, Spain and with its associate offices in different hubs in Europe. Each office is staffed by professionals specializing in different areas of law. Through our years of operating in Spain, we have gained vast experience and knowledge of Spanish history, culture and most importantly, its commerce and industry. Combined with our extensive Indian roots, and equipped with the knowledge of the culture and industries in both nations, we strive to provide premium value-added services to our clients in India and Europe.

We Stand For

Top Notch Client Satisfaction:

  • We provide excellent service with our professional legal experts, with their vast, rich experience nationally and internationally, which allows our approach to the client to be accurate, precise and highly efficient.
  • We take special care to ensure that legal assistance is provided to clients in a cost effective and innovative manner, taking into account the particular needs of clients.
  • Solutions are tailored according to the business needs of the clients.
  • Continuous efforts to learn, improve and ensure excellence in all works directed to us.

Our Principles

  • Professional Ethics: We are committed to upholding the professional ethics underlying the legal profession and follow international principles on maintaining transparency and improving client confidence in the working of our firm.
  • Values of Diversity: We cherish the values of diversity between the two cultures that we straddle and seek to enjoin the best of both for the ultimate benefit of our clients.
  • Independence: We provide independent and impeccable services to our clients without allowing any potential conflicts of interest to arise. This allows us to render impartial, professional service in all our business transactions.
  • Rapid and Flexible: Our services are rapid, prompt and time bound, allowing us to provide a quick, thorough response to each client. We are even more flexible to the individual needs and interests of our clients, while ensuring strict compliance with the highest legal principles and standards.

Unique Experience

Our decade worth of experience in Europe and even more in India plays a unique and active role in our legal and consultancy service.

It serves us in good stead to provide clients with accurate and beneficial advice based on our first-hand experience in domestic matters.

Furthermore, it gives our services a truly global flavour, especially in matters concerning cross border commercial transactions like international mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments, securing of intellectual property in different jurisdictions.

Our History


Our Beginnings

The firm first opened its doors in Kochi, India, providing a wide range of legal services to businesses and individuals. Our dedicated team of lawyers earned us repute in our early years as a leading commercial litigation firm in India. Ever since its inception, the firm has been supporting individuals and businesses from all over the world, and this has contributed to the growth of our international capabilities.


Growth & Expansion

The demand for quality legal services offered by us paved the way for our growth by the establishment of our associate offices in Mumbai and New Delhi in 2005.


International Foray

Since 2007, we have an active presence in Spain, and have been working closely with several local and international law firms of repute, to advise clients in both Europe and India.


Establishment in Spain

Our Principal Office in Barcelona was established, which makes us the first and only Indian law firm to physically operate out of Spain. Since then, the firm has been offering legal and consultancy services to European and Indian clients through its office in Barcelona, along with other associate offices across major financial hubs in Europe, and India.